Montana Full Circle

The outdoor hunting and reality show about real Montana people.

Montana Full Circle

is an outdoor hunting and reality show about real Montana people.  The wide variety of species and ever-changing seasons allow hunting to come full circle.  Hosted by the charismatic Bitterroot local, Adam Onsrud, a hardcore, do-it-yourself hunter who thinks, eats, and dreams the hunt.  It entertains and educates with strong emphasis on  conservation, ethics, morals of hunting and the importance of passing on these traditions to the next generation.

We have 3 seasons available on YouTube with 38 episodes and a variety of other videos.  We feature the action and adventure of big game hunting.  Elkhorn Productions is located in the heart of big game hunting including Elk, Whitetail and Mule Deer, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Antelope, Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Wolf and Mountain Lion.  We pride ourselves on do-it-yourself hunts on public lands.

Meet our team

Adam Onsrund


In the Mountains of Western Montana lives a man enthralled with the hunt. Host, Adam Onsrud, thinks, eats, sleeps, and dreams the hunt. Adam grew up in the Midwest with the dream of making it to the West to hunt the big game of the Rocky Mountains. Naturally, he was drawn west to study wildlife biology at the University of Montana. A man of seemingly endless energy and boundless enthusiasm, you can find Adam raising his daughter, scouring the mountains finding Antlers for decorative crafts, building furniture, gardening, processing game, managing property, and operating his own invasive weed control business. Every free moment he spends scouting, exploring, or hunting the great state of Montana.

Andy Johnson

Producer/ Editor

Executive Producer, Andy Johnson, has been in the outdoor television industry for over 17 years as a producer, field producer, head of post production, editor, videographer, and audio technician. In 2001, Andy graduated from the University of Montana in Journalism/TV Production, managing to stay in Montana while getting television experience nationally, travelling the globe while working with high profile talent and celebrities like Wayne Carlton and Jeff Foxworthy. Andy has worked on over 34 different series for 10 different producers on major networks like ESPN, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and Pursuit Channel.

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Educational stories of hunting, fishing, work, love, family, friends and life. All told from the perspective of Western Montana hunters and outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

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